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Airbus Corporate Jets offers the most modern and comprehensive corporate jet family in the world, giving customers the greatest choice of unique, customisable and spacious cabins, allowing them to select the comfort they want in the size they require – offering them their perfect place in the sky.

The Airbus 319CJ is a private jet that offers absolutely everything a commercial jet can. Reliability, range, speed, cabin space – and more. For those that choose an A319CJ, luxurious travel to any destination in the world is possible.

The cabin is divided into different areas allowing passengers to hold business meetings, to enjoy gastronomic meals or just to relax in the master bedroom. You will be hosted by crew qualified far beyond requirements. This aircraft offers unmatched comfort, space and freedom of movement as it boasts the largest cabin cross-section on the market.

Group air charters offer the following benefits versus scheduled airline travel:

  • Flights travel direct to and from destinations, avoiding transfers and lengthy security delays
  • Exclusive use of the aircraft for group meetings or celebrations
  • Catering can be selected to meet specific group needs
  • Bespoke aircraft branding, by arrangement

Large group travel can be arranged for the following:

  • VIP group travel
  • Charter flights for weddings and other special events
  • Sports teams and supporters groups
  • Music tours by private jet
  • Conferences and events