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Prices for services

Aero Private Jet – Your Personal Charter Broker!

Since 2003, Aero Private Jet successfully works in the business aviation sphere.

The company closely cooperates with the largest operators and private owners of business jets worldwide, has access to more than 7000 planes and 4000 airports.

There are 3270 performed worldwide flights on our account.

APJ offers a full range of services in the organization of VIP flights for business and leisure, individual customer service, depending on their preferences.
The personal manager with long-term experience will help You with choosing a board including the accompanying services is engaged in the organization of private flight. Our team organizes flights of any complexity in short deadlines, in 24/7 mode.

We guarantee the high level of service and full confidentiality.

Aero Private Jet belongs to NY Koen Group of companies directed by Naum Koen – worldwide known and trusted businessman.

Private Jet Services:
  • Private Jet Rent
  • Cargo charter flight
  • Empty Leg
  • Corporate flight
Prices for a Popular Directions
Paris - Naples Starting from USD 5 500
Kiev - Odessa Starting from USD 3 800
Munich - Dortmund Starting from USD 2 500
Rome - Olbia Starting from USD 2 500
Prices for a Popular empty leg Directions
Odessa - Kiev Starting from USD 1 200
St.Petersburg - Moscow Starting from USD 1 900
Minsk - Kiev Starting from USD 2 300
Mikonos - Athens Starting from USD 1 500
Prices for a Popular Cargo Directions
Kiev - Odessa Starting from USD 4 (per kg)
Moscow - Ekaterinburg Starting from USD 15 (per kg)
China - Odessa Starting from USD 60 (per kg)
Minsk - Kiev Starting from USD 6 (per kg)

Our Experience

+971 44 504 376
+38 097 299 70 70